NHS Bury Governing Body

Date & Time: 22nd June 2022 at 3.00 pm until 4.30 pm

Venue: Meeting to be held virtually via Microsoft Teams

Chair: Dr Cathy Fines

Key: I – For Information; A – Approve; R – Recommendation; C – Consideration

Item DescriptionReport/VerbalPresenter
1Welcome, Apologies and QuoracyVerbalDr Cathy Fines, Chair
2Declaration of InterestsReportDr Cathy Fines, Chair
3Minutes of the last meetings and Action Log
Minutes and action logDr Cathy Fines, Chair
4Chief Officer's and Chair's UpdateVerbalGeoff Little,
Dr Cathy Fines, Chair
5Public Questions in relation to the agendaVerbalDr Cathy Fines, Chair
6CCG Due Diligence/Close down Assurance report /CCG Legacy Report ReportClare Postlethwaite
7EMIS Enterprise Report ReportDr Sanjay Kotegaonkar
8Pathpoint Ederma ReportWill Blandamer/Cath Tickle
9Corporate Plan performance report for quarter 4 2021-22 ReportWill Blandamer
10.1System Assurance Committee Chair’s UpdateReportPeter Bury
10.2Performance ReportReportWill Blandamer
10.3Quality ReportReportCatherine Jackson
10.4Safeguarding Dashboard ReportDr Cathy Fines
11.1Finance, Contracting & Procurement Committee Chair’s ReportVerbalChris Wild
11.2Finance ReportReportSam Evans
12PCCC Chair’s ReportVerbalPeter Bury
13Note of ThanksVerbalDr Cathy Fines
14Any Other BusinessVerbalDr Cathy Fines