Our organisation

We are an ambitious and forward-thinking organisation.  We are committed to working with other NHS organisations and partners including Bury Council, the Bury Voluntary Community and Faith Sector Alliance and local people in relation to the delivery of our agenda.  We work and collaborate with our partners to ensure that the services we plan and purchase are high quality, meet people’s needs and offer good value for money.

During the year, significant progress has been made on becoming a One Commissioning Organisation with Bury Council, bringing together our commissioning functions to create the right environment to plan care and make decisions together to improve services, reduce inequalities and support people to remain well for longer than is currently the case.

Bury 2030 Strategy

The emerging Bury Strategy 2030 will be the long-term vision and plan for the Borough across all public services and will build on the Locality Plan. Bringing everything together under one overall strategy will enable us to have one conversation with the public, patients, staff and stakeholders and will be easier for people to relate to and engage with.

Our providers

Sitting alongside the joining up of our commissioning arrangements, local service providers are working in a more joined up way in what is known as the Locality Care Organisation, bringing together the frontline health and care services to provide care at a neighbourhood level and in a more co-ordinated way.  This work is described in our refreshed Locality Plan which aims to bring care closer to home and where possible outside of a hospital setting.

Our Member Practices

Our 26 GP practices are known as our ‘Member Practices’ and together we are working to achieve a healthier Bury by commissioning services that meet local needs.  CCGs have clinicians taking the lead on making decisions about local health services.  We are committed to giving local health professionals the freedom to respond, innovate and develop services in a way that best meets local needs.

Listening to patient feedback

A key part of the process to plan and purchase a range of services is ensuring that we listen to patient feedback. We want to hear and learn from patient experience and in turn ensure that this influences the way that services are designed and delivered.

Our budget

During the year, we received a budget of £315.6 million to plan and purchase a range of health services including those provided in hospitals, out in the community and for GP (primary care) services for our population of around 190,000 patients.

Our vision and values

Our vision was developed by our staff and Member Practices, is: to continually improve Bury’s Health and Wellbeing by listening to you and working together across boundaries.

The values that we expect to be demonstrated through all that we do:

  • to be inclusive and transparent about the decisions we make;
  • to challenge inequalities through partnership working;
  • to be bold, inclusive and supportive;
  • to value everyone;
  • to listen and learn, and
  • to secure people centred, clinically effective, efficient and sustainable care.

Read more about the CCG and our work in our latest Annual Report.