Patient Cabinet

For a number of years our Patient Cabinet had played an important role in ensuring that the voice of local people is influential in our decision making. Chaired by the Lay member for Patient and Public Involvement, the Patient Cabinet has played a key role in ensuring meaningful involvement and engagement with local people, by gathering views and feedback to ensure they have a chance to actively participate in our work.

We are currently reviewing our approach to patient and public involvement as part of a refreshed joint communications and engagement plan for the CCG and Bury Council.

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

All GP practices in Bury have a PPG.

The membership of PPGs includes patients registered with the practice and sometimes includes a member of the practice team, such as the Practice Manager. Many groups meet face to face, however, some have more of a virtual presence and share information or seek views in other ways.

The role of a PPG includes being a critical friend to the practice and advising the practice from the patient perspective, providing insight on a range of issues.

If you are interested in being involved in the work of your GP practice’s PPG, please contact your practice for more information about opportunities to get involved.

Read more about how you can get involved in our work here.