Patient and public involvement in commissioning is about enabling people to voice their views, needs and wishes, and to contribute to plans, proposals and decisions about local services.

By involving and listening to people who use local services, our teams can better understand health needs and respond to what matters most to people.

Patients and the public can often identify innovative, effective and efficient ways of designing, delivering and joining up services and this involvement is a vital part of what is known as our commissioning cycle.

On this page have published information about engagement and consultation opportunities, future engagement opportunities will be promoted on the One Community Bury platform

The difference involvement makes

We want to make sure that we keep you informed and updated on how your feedback has informed our decision making and made a difference.  We will always publish information about the feedback we have heard, for example, as part of a consultation, and how this has informed a decision.  We will also provide links to key documents including a collation of the feedback we receive following a consultation, any formal papers or meetings where this feedback is considered and any links to press releases following a decision.

Please take the opportunity to get involved and share your views, and if you provide us with your contact details and would like us to let you know the outcome of any consultation process directly, this can be arranged.

If you sign up to our Health Matters e-newsletter, we will also include the outcome of our decisions in future issues, along with sharing information through the local press and media and via our social media platforms such as Twitter.

Future engagement opportunities will be promoted on the One Community Bury platform

If you have any queries, or would like more information, please contact us.

ThemeDurationFeedback we receivedDecision
Consultation on the redesign of urgent care services in BuryA six week consultation period from 29th January to 11th March 2018 inclusive.Feedback reportGoverning Body meeting held on 28th March 2018
Governing Body paper
Decision press release
As part of NHS 70 celebrations, the CCG hosted a ‘Big7Tea’ (tea party) themed engagement event. The event focussed on social opportunities to boost mental healthAfternoon event held on 25th July 2018.Feedback reportThe feedback report highlights the feedback captured from the group work, along with how this feedback will be used to inform future work.
Consultation on IVF provision in BuryA six week consultation period in relation to IVF provision in Bury ran from 6th August to 16th September 2018 inclusive. Feedback reportGoverning Body meeting held on 26th September 2018
Governing Body paper
Decision press release
Patient and public participation annual reportThe report relates to the year April 2018 to March 2019, and highlights examples of engagement activities that have taken place during the year.Access the reportN/A
Engagement: reducing prescribing of over the counter medicines for minor, short term conditionsA four week engagement period from 15th March until 12th April 2019 inclusive.Feedback reportGoverning Body meeting held on 22nd May 2019
Governing Body paper
Decision press release
Consultation: Improving urgent care services in BuryA four week consultation period from 10th February 2020 until 8th March 2020 inclusive.Feedback report discussed at Strategic Commissioning BoardDecision press release
Consultation: Improving intermediate care services in BuryA six-week consultation period from 19th October 2020 until 30th November 2020 inclusive.Consultation outcome paper to Strategic Commissioning BoardMinutes from Strategic Commissioning Board
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