8th June 2020 16:30– 18:00

Meeting to be held virtually

Key – A – Approval, R – Recommendation, C – Consideration, I – Information

Item DescriptionReport/VerbalPresenter
1Welcome, Apologies and QuoracyVerbalChair
2Declaration of InterestsReportChair
3Minutes of the last Meeting and Action log
• 4 May 2020
Minutes and Action LogChair
4Public Questions
Verbal Chair
5Changes to SCB Membership/Voting arrangements ReportChair

Update on Covid-19 response/recovery

Health and Care Recovery Planning

Geoff Little/
Jeff Schryer
Howard Hughes
7Physical Activity Strategy updateVerbal Lesley Jones/ Donna Ball
8Urgent Care review

ReportGeoff Little/
Jeff Schryer
9Radcliffe Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF)ReportPaul Lakin
10Emerging Financial arrangements PresentationMike Woodhead
11Summary of routine SCB Business ReportChair
12AOB and Closing Matters VerbalChair