Strategic Commissioning Board

6th September 2021 at 16.30

The meeting will be held in Council Chamber at Bury Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury

Please can you let us know in advance of the meeting if you wish to attend the Strategic Commissioning Board meeting as we are restricted on number capacity and numbers permitted in the meeting room due to Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements

Key – A – Approval, R – Recommendation, C – Consideration, I – Information

Item DescriptionReport/VerbalPresenter
1Welcome, Apologies and QuoracyVerbalChair
2Declaration of InterestsReportChair
3Minutes of the last Meeting held on 7th June 2021 and Action Log Minutes and Action LogChair
4Public QuestionsVerbalChair
5Chief Executive and Accountable Officer Update
VerbalGeoff Little
6.1Greater Manchester ArrangementsReportGeoff Little/Will Blandamer
6.2Locality Partnership ArrangementsReportGeoff Little/Will Blandamer
6.3Neighbourhood (INTs)reportGeoff Little/Will Blandamer
7Proposal to manage funding
requests to NHS Bury CCG for
spot purchases of services
ReportHoward Hughes
8Review of Armed Forces
ReportSam McVaigh
9Care at Home Contract AwardReportWill Blandamer
10Designated Beds - Shared ProvisionReportAdrian Crook
11Integrated Delivery Board ReportWill Blandamer
12Elective CareReportWill Blandamer
13Mental Health Children's PaperReportIan Mello
14GM Contracting Principles and
Extension of Bury Contracts
Restricted, not for publicationSam Evans
15Integrated Commissioning FundRestricted, not for publicationSam Evans
16Risk ReportReportSam Evans
17Bury System/Transition
Board minutes from 20
May 2021 and 17 June
ReportFor Information
18AOB and Closing MattersVerbalChair