Tough times but together we are stronger

2020-11-09T10:34:50+00:009th November 2020|CCG Blog|

It feels like as each week passes, we never truly know what is around the corner. Over the last weekend in October, we learnt some very sad and unexpected news.  We lost another health and care hero to this terrible virus. Sam Helliwell worked as a receptionist at Tower Family Healthcare Minden for over 20 years. [...]

“There are no life changing experiences, only experiences that are so powerful that we then change our lives”

2020-02-12T05:29:54+00:0010th April 2019|CCG Blog|

In this blog, Rachel Coaker, Deputy Chief Finance Officer at the CCG, shares some reflections after taking part in a civic trip from Bury to Poland to understand more about the Holocaust and war. Several years ago, I found out that as a result of an affair, my maternal grandfather was Polish, who for some reason [...]

Helping myself to become even better…

2020-02-12T05:29:54+00:0018th January 2019|CCG Blog|

One of the joys of being a GP for nearly thirty years in the same practice (my grey beard testifies to this) is the real pleasure of seeing generations of families grow up and start their own families. One working day began last week by doing an eight week check on a new-born baby. I had [...]

Shhhh… there is a quiet revolution happening!

2020-02-12T05:29:55+00:0011th October 2018|CCG Blog|

Over the last few years there has been an exciting revolution taking place in Bury which is changing the way we manage health and social care. It started when a group of enthusiastic staff from NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Bury Council, that plan and purchase health and social care services, met with Bury’s [...]

Wrapping services around the patient

2020-02-12T05:29:55+00:009th August 2018|CCG Blog|

I have known a dear friend of mine ever since I moved to Manchester 38 years ago. We have seen many storms together, and over the years I have been able to rely on him as a friend, mentor and for support. My friend, let's call him Sam, is now elderly, frail and has several serious [...]

An exciting new chapter

2020-02-12T05:29:55+00:0019th April 2018|CCG Blog|

It’s been around three weeks since I last ran, so last night I finally went for a run. It was a beautiful evening – perfect weather conditions for running. It should have been an easy run but with the Jewish holidays, my son and his young family visiting (more about their visit later) and my new [...]