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A choice of who provides services is better for patients

Performance and quality

Every individual who comes into contact with the NHS and organisations providing health services should always be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of whether they are a patient, carer or member of staff.
The NHS aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the provision of high quality care that is safe, effective and focused on patient experience and outcomes. 

One of Bury Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG) key strengths is its clinical leadership which puts safety, clinical effectiveness and patient experience at the centre of commissioning decisions. Clinical leadership includes an Executive Nurse with a responsibility for quality issues, a GP Clinical Director for Safeguarding, a designated Nurse as Head of Safeguarding and Lay Members for quality, scrutiny and audit.   You can read more about our commitment and aspirations in our 2014-2019 Quality Strategy.
The quality of the services we commission is measured in several different ways, including:
•         Performance
•         Incidents
•         Complaints and compliments
•         Patient feedback, surveys and results from the Friends and Family Test
•         Feedback from Healthwatch and the Health and Wellbeing Board
•         Feedback from GPs and other health care professionals
Bury CCG also has a Quality and Risk Committee and a Primary Care Quality Improvement Group, with Non-Executive Members to check, challenge and scrutinise quality processes.
Quality issues are reported to every Governing Body (Board) meeting, you can access the 2015 papers here. Performance and risk issues are also presented to each Governing Body meetings and papers are also available via the above link.

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