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How we perform

How we perform 

Performance review

The performance review reveals a mixed picture in relation to the extent to which we achieved the required level of progress for national and local performance measures.

Whilst some areas of performance were satisfactory achieved including the majority of waiting times targets, overall 15 (of which 2 are key performance indicators*) incurred a fail outcome against their criteria, these areas are:

  • Access to NHS Dentistry 
  • Ambulance Clinical Quality Indicators x 4 (listed below) 
    • Ambulance calls closed 
    • Time to treatment (99th percentile) 
    • Re-contact rate following discharge 
    • Calls closed with telephone advice 
  • A&E Quality Indictor – Unplanned re-attendance rate 
  • Bowel Cancer Screening 
  • Cancer 62 day waits (aggregate measure) 
  • Cancer 62 day waits* 
  • Cancer 62 day waits – upgrade status 
  • CDI (Clostridium Difficile Infection)* 
  • Coverage of NHS Health Checks – offered 
  • Coverage of NHS Health Checks – received 
  • Percentage of patients with greater control of their care records 
  • Smoking quitters

Key Performance Indicators

All performance indicators have remedial action plans in place. The remedial plans for the two key measures are as follows:

  • 62 day cancer wait target - There is a comprehensive recovery
    plan in place that involves patient tracking lists to ensure delays
    are minimised. The recovery plan is overseen by the North East
    Sector Cancer and Palliative Care Group.
  • CDI (Clostridium Difficile Infection) - There is a comprehensive
    Clostridium Difficile recovery plan in place across the North East
    Sector of Greater Manchester, and a local plan has been submitted
    to the Strategic Health Authority. NHS Bury CCG is on track with the
    implementation of the local recovery plan.

For information about progress against strategic priorities, please view our annual report for 2011/12 (page 19 onwards). 

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