Register of declarations of conflicts of interest

Under the guidance published by NHS England, every Clinical Commissioning Group is required to publish a Register of Interests for all members, staff and those who are part of/or attend our Governing Body and its Committees.

The Governing Body and Committee Registers are correct as at December 2018

The Staff register is correct as at December 2018

The Practice Registers are correct as at 3rd March 2017

Registers of Interests

Governing Body

Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Audit Committee

Clinical Cabinet

Quality and Performance Committee

Finance, Contracting and Procurement Committee

Patient Cabinet



* The CCG has nominated Chris Wild, Lay Member for Finance and Audit to the role of Conflicts of Interest Guardian. Chris is responsible for ensuring that the systems and processes in place for managing conflicts of interests are appropriate. More details of the role can be found in the Conflicts of Interest Policy.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality

Register of Gifts and Hospitality

Register of Contracts and Procurement Decisions

Register of Contracts and Procurement Decisions

Members of the public are able to request historical copies of any of the registers published above by contacting the Corporate Office by emailing us or call 0161 253 7865.