Shhhh… there is a quiet revolution happening!

11th October 2018|CCG Blog|

Over the last few years there has been an exciting revolution taking place in Bury which is changing the way we manage health and social care. It started when a group of enthusiastic staff from NHS Bury Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Bury Council, that plan and purchase health and social care services, met with Bury’s [...]

Wrapping services around the patient

9th August 2018|CCG Blog|

I have known a dear friend of mine ever since I moved to Manchester 38 years ago. We have seen many storms together, and over the years I have been able to rely on him as a friend, mentor and for support. My friend, let's call him Sam, is now elderly, frail and has several serious [...]

We all want the same thing… but have different ways of saying it

18th May 2018|CCG Blog|

My colleague Barbara Wright and I recently spoke to residents from the South Asian community to listen to their experiences of using local services in Bury. As English is not this group’s first language it was helpful that the Asian Development Association of Bury (ADAB) hosted the meeting. ADAB is a local organisation based in Bury [...]

An exciting new chapter

19th April 2018|CCG Blog|

It’s been around three weeks since I last ran, so last night I finally went for a run. It was a beautiful evening – perfect weather conditions for running. It should have been an easy run but with the Jewish holidays, my son and his young family visiting (more about their visit later) and my new [...]

Dementia is not inevitable….

16th August 2017|CCG Blog|

Recently I went to see my mum. She is in her eighties and has become increasingly forgetful. Once a sprightly and fiercely independent lady, going on regular foreign holidays with her devoted husband, she now gets very confused, and her world has constricted to her home. The main cook and housemaker, she now needs encouragement to [...]

My marathon journey

9th August 2017|CCG Blog|

In April this year I ran the Manchester Marathon, not my smartest decision, but I wanted to be able to say I have managed one! I enjoy running – it’s great for stress relief and helps to keep my weight down. I have always wanted to run at least one marathon so completing a marathon in [...]

Planning ahead

30th November 2016|CCG Blog|

As I write this I am reliably informed that there are 31 days, 11 hours, 15 minutes and 56 seconds till Christmas and counting. Once again I am left reflecting on my resolution last year to not leave my Christmas planning until the month before but to have thought well ahead throughout the year, making lists [...]

Introducing… Big white wall

1st June 2016|CCG Blog|

Being a dad and sharing the house with teenagers, it’s easy to see how technology appeals to them in their everyday life. My daughter Gila (pictured to the right of the photo, with me and her sister), has recently introduced me to the wonders of Facebook, and I am amazed at the different ways people communicate across [...]